Black Swan Theology

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To understand what it is about you might read the page Black Swan.

Speaking from an essentially Christian background, it seems to me that Jesus presented his hearers with many things that required them to unlearn things they knew for sure and reassess life in light of a new reality.

This was not only evident in his teaching, but in himself he had this characteristic. The Incarnation, Transfiguration, Crucifixion and Resurrection all account all carry something of this quality.

Events, Thoughts, Stories or people who require us to unlearn and reassess things are typical of the Black Swan.

I imagine that Muslims  Hindus, Jews, and the plethora of other faiths and including Atheists and Agnostics, have similar stories to tell.

Many times for us as Christians and Non-Christians alike, we need to unlearn things, even things we believe are central to our core beliefs. This is challenging, exhilarating, and sometimes causes us more that a little trepidation.

Sometimes it is like pushing off (being pushed off) from one edge of a swimming pool and not sure what we will find on the other side, or even if there is an other side.

Ultimately in both Science and Faith, and indeed in life itself, at the cutting edge we find certainty challenged. It is probably good for us, but leaves us with some question marks to hand out to those who live with absolute certainty.


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